films , documentaries , tv programes 

Fi Aleashreen

At the age of twenty a modern documentary program

focusing on the concerns, problems, dreams and aspirations of Arab youth came in 18 short episodes 25 minutes and was filmed in 4 Arab countries


Transit 1 , is A series of documentaries to the stories of Syrian refugees in (during ) their hard journey to Europe .

Documentaries monitors the suffering and hardship of refugees after leaving Syria, intending to Western Europe True stories to tell the Syrians by themselves, where we met them in the largest camp for refugee reception in eastern Europe specifically Slavonski Brod, Croatia .

35 mm

presented by (Ibrahim Essa)

it is 26 short episodes, topic of the history of Egyptian movies And the value of the film industry in Egypt
presented by:
(Ibrahim Essa) the Egyptian famous writer & novelist .


It’s a documentary series

it’s a documentary series focus on the best model of Arabs Immigrants in Europe ( politician – doctors – artists – scientist). 3 seasons , 37 short episodes, filmed in 9 countries in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands…… )

Motawaliat Yossif Zeidan

An enlightening cultural program

focuses on the beginnings of writing and corrects misconceptions in the Arab heritage. Presented by the writer and thinker ( Dr. Youssef Zeidan)

Bet Yassin

It's a social program

hosting a group of thinkers, writers, And artistic from different nationalities and races who have a positive impact on people’s emotions three seasons, 75 episodes – 55 minutes.

Kalat le

It's a reality documentary series

34 short episodes, 25min Focusing on history, culture the relation between the novelist, writer ,Artist and his city which he lived.